Ideal Client

My ideal client is:

  • You are a craftsman, innovator, love what you do, but struggle with how to tell others about your business.
  • You are so focused on and impassioned about creating your product or service that you lack the time to spend on PR and Marketing.
  • You find it difficult to perfectly describe what makes you different, or why someone should buy from you vs. someone else.
  • You feel overwhelmed by all the possibilities to communicate your message, and may even feel guilty that you don't use social media to promote yourself.
  • You want to be effective and focused with your efforts.
  • You want to be authentic and feel disconnected from the traditional and somewhat slimy marketing tactics.
  • You understand that there are so many more people who would appreciate knowing about your product or service, but you are not reaching them.
  • You are ready for a clear vision and strategy with your PR and Marketing efforts.
  • You are ready to trust and partner with someone who cares deeply about your business and wants it to succeed.

People who have worked
with me say that I....

  • Go above and beyond what's expected
  • Am timely
  • Am like a 'business clairvoyant,' quickly developing a keen understanding of the business and its needs
  • Help keep people on track
  • Provide an uncommon and refreshing perspective
  • Am always connecting them to relevant people and opportunities
  • Am their ultimate cheerleader
  • Am firm but compassionate
  • Have high expectations while still being flexible

Are we a fit?