The 'Real' PR or Plain Cheeseburger?

I am incredibly passionate about public relations. I do what I do because I am skilled at relating to people and I enjoy helping others relate to THEIR publics. It's attracting your followers, building your reputation, creating more "Likes," and even selling a cause -- whatever you want to call it. The biggest challenge to this career pursuit is that too many people believe that public relations is simply 'media coverage.' Sadly, this sells the profession dramatically short. Media coverage is an aspect -- a vehicle, if you will -- of public relations. Media relations is used to communicate what you do, why you do it and why people should pay you attention. This alone, however, is not public relations.

Sitting down with a public relations professional and simply asking her to garner media coverage is like sitting down at the table of a professional chef and saying, "...oh, I know you make amazing food, but can I just get a plain cheeseburger?"

...except, this is about your reputation. I help my clients define how to attract their audiences, 'publics' and friends from the inside out. Accomplishing this has sometimes been a result of media coverage and sometimes it hasn't. Actions that push clients toward professional 'fame' would surprise you.

So, I encourage you to think bigger. Consider the gourmet lamb burger with mint mayonnaise -- because you'll find it's incredibly tasty and it might even change the way you approach everything else in your business...and possibly, even your life.