The Magic of PR – 4 Ways to Stir the Pot

Starting a public relations campaign is exciting. I’ve spoken to countless individuals who realize the importance of doing public relations and marketing, but (particularly in this economy), the budget isn’t there.

What’s a business owner to do? I suggest starting within.

Any message, piece of information and special offering starts within you, the business owner…and goes out from there. It’s a ripple effect. From the business owner, it may go to a partner or close friend, then to employees and a step further, to the employee’s friends.

What are they saying about you? And what are you saying about you?

The best form of marketing is word of mouth…and the most loyal and obvious choices to be spreading your good word are you, your friends and your employees.


  1. Make sure you’re taking care of these individuals and sharing the very best parts of your business with them.
  2. Are you talking negatively about your financial woes, or are you sharing a “not-so-secret” secret that your cohorts can share with their community, generating interest in what’s coming down the pipeline?
  3. Can your employees, or even close friends be part of a big organizational decision? Take a select group of friends or employees to dinner and get their opinions; they’ll be eager to talk about how they ‘helped’ you.
  4. Consider the fact that your public relations campaign starts with you, and your enthusiasm will spread. Or, quite the opposite can happen as well.

This may seem like a simple concept, but one that’s often overlooked by organizations of all sizes. After all, you never know who is listening. It could be that your new administrative assistant is the cousin to a struggling artist who happens to be the new apprentice HeadCut artist doing dot drawings for the Wall Street Journal.