Pull Back the Curtain and Reveal the Wizard

In your lifetime, have you ever envisioned the PRESIDENT of a company as someone who sits behind a big, shiny desk protected by three layers of people on the 25th floor of a mid-city high-rise? I have. And actually, I could say I’ve seen it. But I believe this is changing. Let me clarify…this scenario may exist well beyond my lifetime, but to me, it’s the value of what this image represents that’s changing. Social media is helping to pull that big, green curtain aside while also inspiring today’s consumers to seek out a different relationship with the companies from which they buy. More and more, buying from a ‘brand’ means buying from people. I see this is a good thing.

Taking this trend a step further, it seems that the growing desire for deeper connections to brand is commanding the use of video. Budgets for video advertising campaigns are rising dramatically and statistics continue to prove that click-through rates (CTR’s) on video ads are dramatically higher.

To us, the entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and in-house marketers, it’s important to pay attention.

How can you, or your brand put this into practice? Here are some suggestions:

  • Place an introduction video on your website. Being able to see a ‘real person’ on a website is a commitment-phobe’s dream. Let them check you out and get a feel for your personality without having to expose themselves…this will likely sell much more than your content will.
  • Develop short tutorials of the service you typically provide to your clients. You can consider them ‘teasers’ to your deeper knowledge, inspiring an interest in learning more about you.
  • Put your product into action. If you sell something, show people how to use it, particularly if you can share innovative ways to utilize a well-known product.
  • Post business updates through your Facebook page, or even better, create a YouTube channel or join Tout.com, a social video sharing site.
  • Include video testimonials on your website and through your social media channels – seeing authenticity in someone’s experience will resonate more than their written comment.

Utilizing video allows your fans, followers and potential customers/clients to see the real wizard behind the great curtain. Only this time, it doesn’t reveal an insecure man operating buttons and levers, but YOU, and the essence of your talents. It removes the barrier of traditional corporate celebrity status and welcomes the opportunity for a relationship.

One note of CAUTION:  Video is a different beast. Simple as it sounds, tiny nuances that are acceptable in everyday conversation can be a deterrent in a video. If you aren’t someone who easily speaks to the lens of a camera, work with a professional who can capture your best qualities.

In the near future, I’ll be introducing some video projects of my own. I can’t wait to tell you about it.