Potion #632: Considerations for Monday Inspiration

Every once in a while we enter what seems to be a vortex of support where seemingly a large group of individuals rally around what we’re doing to provide insight and support. Has this ever happened to you, or have you ever been the individual supporting someone else with their idea? Well it seems yesterday was my day.

Many of you are aware that I am working on creating a web-based public relations tutorial series. The eventual goal is to help small business owners understand – and implement – the basics of Public Relations on their own as they get started (at a fraction of the cost they’d have to incur).  Over the last two months, I’ve been exchanging emails with Mario Schulzke of IdeaMensch, an organization committed to providing opportunities for others to create community, inspiration and support by sharing their ideas. They are in the midst of a cross-country tour to 48 cities where they have created events specifically intended to introduce people with amazing ideas…it’s called (you guessed it):  IM48.

Last night, I attended their San Francisco event. Earlier that day, I also had the pleasure of having coffee with Mario. The event itself featured a collection of amazing entrepreneurs…from the founders of SecondLife to Back to the Roots, a company that’s created a sustainable, closed-loop business around ‘mushroom kits’ that can be bought at Whole Foods. So many people...from the speakers to the attendees...were DOERS, not 'wantrepreneurs,' which was a funny term tossed out. Resulting from my meeting with Mario, this motivational event and then an inspirational dinner afterward, I was given a wealth of information and links that you may find useful in one way or another:

Marketing Over Coffee (for information and Podcast examples)

Brendan Bruchard (quirky guy with rich content and changing people’s professional lives)

Ruzuku.com (plug-and-play platform for creating and hosting online training), or

KajabiApp.com for the same thing

Udemy (an awesome place to expose and sell your courses) in addition to

Lynda.com, which has been around a while, and this

SkillShare.com, which is newer

Have a good idea? You should check out Rally.org and IdeaMensch to begin telling it.

…and over the weekend, you might be interested in pondering Pando Trees,  the inspiration behind the name of the Pando Daily blog of Silicon Valley, started by Sarah Lacey from TechCrunch. The root system of this massive collection of trees found in Utah is actually considered the oldest living organism in the world. Amazing stuff.

Such inspiration during this week of ‘Independence.’ Have you used/referenced any of these businesses, or do you have any of your own to recommend?