Latest and Greatest

How often is it that we truly have an opportunity to be inspired? For years, I have been openly communicating my desire to work with work alongside the individuals making a difference in the world, retaining cultural relevance, saving a lost civilization, or giving back to the planet. It's time for some gratitude. First, I am going to openly say how honored I am to have been working with Japantown for the last three years. To me, the Japantown neighborhood in San Francisco is a gift to the City. Being one of only three remaining neighborhoods of its kind in the United States, I feel its preservation is incredibly important and something that is certainly worthy of time spent. The icing on the top is that the individuals with whom I work have become like family, and when that possibility presents itself in a work environment, I feel I've succeeded.

Then most recently, I started working with a new client. ENU Construction is their 'formal' name, but specifically, I am working with Ewen and Spring Utting. Out of the gate, I was drawn to their personalities. Working as a husband and wife team, they seem to have figured out the dance required to maintain a healthy personal life while also driving their business forward. This is a skill that should never go unnoticed, and to me, it proves tremendous integrity.

Now, their business:  It will change the nation. What they are building is a passive home...soon to be passive 'homes.' Have you heard of these? I hadn't, either, but after learning about them this is all I dream of building if we ever have the opportunity. Essentially, Ewen has the knowledge (which is quite common in Europe, by the way), to build homes that are 90% energy efficient. They have no 'core' heating source, but instead, are heated by its appliances, body heat and any other 'utilized' energy. So, our body heat, dryer warmth, toaster output, etc...all becomes your internal 'heater,' and because the house is so efficient, it retains this heat to keep the home at a consistent and warm temperature. There are more details to come describing how the energy is retained, how the air is circulated and how amazing the design is, but suffice it to say that I am excited. And inspired.