Getting Busier to Create Work/Life Balance

It's been a long time. Well, let's be's been three years since I launched Potion Public Relations, but in internet years, it could be considered a 'classic' by now? Much like classic cars aren't required to smog, it might have been time for me to start receiving some 'sympathy' visibility on Google. In reality, my original site was nothing more than a landing page. While I knew this was less than ideal, it was all I could take on at the time. However over the last three years, my family, work, weekends and small catastrophes have provided nice excuses to avoid creating a 'real' website. Meanwhile, I've watched my peers bolster their own sites, create professional Facebook pages and truthfully, innovate the industry.

Watching this transition pass me by, I was left at a crossroads and I found myself with the decision of whether to grow, change careers or turn out the lights  on my professional world (how green). After much reflection, I decided to dive in. I committed to a new site, a new marketing effort even a bit of innovation around a 'new' kind of balance between work and life. It hasn't been a simple process, but it's certainly been invigorating. And with this change in place, I truly believe I'll be able to accomplish more in less time. After all, isn't this the biggest benefit of technology? I'll report back on my planned execution and outcome in a future post...

..but for now, I'm grateful for the deeper knowledge I've gained with this transition. Now, when I recommend this to my clients, if I hear hesitations relating to their own family, work, weekends and small catastrophes, I can steadfastly encourage them to proceed...reminding them that in the end, getting busier will most likely enable them to streamline their work/life balance.