A Request On Inauguration Day

Donald J. Trump was sworn in today. For many, this is a day to celebrate; a day of hope. For me, and a great many others, today is one of uncertainty. I’m full of worry that the divisiveness that is plaguing our nation will spread amongst the world, widening the chasm between us and other countries that might not have had much love for us in the first place.

Today, I’ve decided that I am choosing to turn my worrying over to those who have voted for change…to Make America Great Again. I’ve decided that the people who are hoping for something different and better can also inspire the rest of us – lift us out of our worry with their success stories while on their way to a ‘better life.’

So, tell me. Tell me when your life is elevated by the rebirth of your manufacturing job. Be sure to share your stories of lifting out of poverty from what’s been described as ‘the worst economy ever.’ Let me know when we’re finally safe…safe from the savages who are trying to enter our country, our neighborhoods and our churches. And when your exorbitant insurance rates drop with the elimination of the Affordable Care Act, don’t forget to list that as well.

Explain how your business is thriving as a result of this presidency and administration, and how the abortion rates are dropping if Planned Parenthood struggles through a funding deficit. Oh, and do share how the emergency rooms in your hospitals just feel ‘emptier’ once Mexican immigration is limited…or even better, ‘walled off.’ And the schools!...the schools. Yes, please post blog entries and notes about how much school systems are improved with their ‘reform’ without further funding.

Your life…OUR lives are going to be markedly better, right? According to the grand plan, all of us ‘forgotten’ citizens are going to finally be seen and heard. I truly want to know that all your problems have been solved.

Admittedly, I’m doubtful, which is why I need proof from you -- from those of who are most eager for change. I need it because the reality is, I believe your problems will not change as a result of ‘making America great again.’ As I listen to your stories, I won’t be surprised to see that the common thread between all of them will be a change in attitude; a belief that things are good. Happiness is the key to success. And happiness is up to the individual, my friend, and I suppose you can’t seem to find that unless others are hurt, eliminated and ejected.