5 Ways to Read Your Customer’s Mind

It’s not uncommon for businesses to cry out that they’d be perfect if only they could read the minds of their customers. What do they want? Do they like what I do? What if they don’t like the new ice cream flavor I’m offering? Guess what? No longer is it difficult to get into the minds of our customers and you don’t need to put a psychic on staff in order to do it. The magic of social media is that one can actually read what people are saying every day, but sadly, most businesses aren’t even paying attention.

It used to be that people would call up their friends and chat about you, a bad service experience, stale fortune cookies and more. Now, these conversations are happening in broad daylight about positive and negative experiences.

At the very least, you should be utilizing…and listening…to these channels:

  • Yelp

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • SurveyMonkey

It’s no longer about who had Cheerios for breakfast. If you don’t have the time, find someone to help you. And one more tip…remember that the person chosen to monitor this for you will be your voice and expected to represent what you think. To cut corners, some choose to hire interns or friends-of-friends to manage their social media initiatives. This can work, but beware that your reputation may be compromised.