Bespoke Branding Workshop

This is my signature offering - an intensive, 4-hour workshop held with your key internal team members to create a significant shift in the way you do business. Branding is where the ripple begins, carrying the very essence of what you create outward to the appropriate people. When a clear and meaningful brand isn’t established, it’s like trying to sail without a rudder. (Eek!)

The Bespoke Branding Workshop will provide you with the following:

  • Define what differentiates you in your competitive marketplace

  • Establish a brand positioning statement that will serve as a ‘true north’ for your company

  • Develop language that will serve as key descriptors for your brand story, marketing copy, and inspiring messages

  • Create a common understanding of what a brand is and explore how your brand…the soul of your company…is one of your most valuable assets