Dawn Shalhoup

She who prepares the Potion

I’m an holistic branding, messaging and PR expert with over two decades of experience serving businesses of all shapes and sizes, across creative and traditional industries. I have an unconventional approach that I’d like to bring to your business.

It’s my sense that many marketing, PR, and branding consultants have gotten away from the spirit of what makes a business attractive to a customer. To them, it’s more about dry analytics, complicated data, and heady forecasts than it is about human connection. Running the numbers is important, but never more important than the true hearts beating right in front of you.

At Potion, I believe relating to your public — you know, those good people you’re lucky to serve — is the heart of everything good that happens in business. That’s the spirit that should underpin your marketing strategies. It’s about connecting and communicating, spotting and creating countless opportunities for meaningful and effective marketing that will draw your customers to you, and inspire them to tell others.



The Potion approach

  • I’m not a consultant in a suit. (Although I may rock a cute jacket from time to time.)

  • I work collaboratively and intimately with you.

  • I hone in on your exact needs and develop an approach that supports those needs and gets results.

  • I work hard to understand your customer. This involves insight, understanding, intuition, hunches, analytics (where they matter), and a keen understanding of human psychology and buyer behavior. If anything, this sixth sense for what will make your customers happier is what my years of experience have taught me.

  • I want to know who buys your services, who sits in your chairs, what they look like, how they feel, what their habits are, and what drives them.

  • Once I deeply understand your customer, I get creative about all the different ways to touch that individual. I don’t limit myself to what you’ve done before or to what your competitors are doing. I look at your business as a whole and help to create change from the inside out.